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Naturehike HIGH MOON (LingYue) PP Folding Portable Collapsible Outdoor Camping Storage Box Set Folding Camp Organizer Stackable Heavy Duty Plastic Nature Hike Small Large Medium Polypropylene Wood Desk Top Wood Bracket Mounting Stand 25L 50L 80L

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Product Description:

Brand: Naturehike

Model NO: NH20SJ036

Name: High Moon (LingYue)-PP Folding Storage Box

Type: S-Size (25L) / M-Size (50L) / L-Size (80L)

Weight: About 1.4kg (25L) / About 3kg (50L)/ About 4.1kg (80L)

Bearing Weight: About 15kg (25L) / About 20kg (50L)/ About 25kg (80L)

Size: 36x26x28cm (25L) / 52.5x36.5x34cm (50L)/ 64x43.5x36cm (80L)

Stacking (Box): About 50kg (25L) / About 60kg (50L) / About 70kg (80L)

Packing Size: 36x26x9cm (25L) / 52.5x36.5x10.5cm (50L) / 64x43.5x8.8cm (80L)

Material: PP

Color: Grey / Blue / Green

Walnut Wood Table Board:

Weight: About 1.4kg (50L) / About 2.3kg (80L)  

Size: 53x36.2x2cm (50L) / 64.8x43.5x2cm (80L)

Packing Size: 13.2x36.2x6.8cm (50L) / 16.2x43.5x6.8cm (80L)

Material: Walnut Wood+201 Stainless Steel

Color: Wood Color

Walnut Wood Bracket:

Weight: About 1.2kg (50L) / About 1.6kg (80L)

Size: 66x36.2x21cm (50L) / 76x43.5x21cm (80L)

Packing Size: 52.5x36.2x4.8cm (50L) / 64.4x43.5x4.8cm (80L)

Material: Walnut Wood

Color: Wood Color