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Naturehike Energy Saving Hanging Pot Outdoor Camping Stainless Steel Aluminum 3 Styles with Storage Bag Cooking Non-Stick Deep Fryer Pan Rice Soup Stew Cookware Nature Hike

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Product Description:

Brand: Naturehike

Model N.O.: CNK2300CJ012, CNK2300CJ014, CNK2300CJ015
Name: Vitality Pots
Material: aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, beech wood
Style: Cook pot, Hot Pot, Sukiyaki Pot
Capacity: 4L(Cook pot), 2.6L(Hot Pot), 1.3L(Sukiyaki Pot)
Size: 225x180mm(Cook pot), 340x325x130mm(Hot Pot)250x227x110mm(Sukiyaki Pot)
Packing Size: 270x250x180mm(Cook pot), 250x227x110mm(Hot Pot), (Sukiyaki Pot)
Weight: about 1.3kg(Cook pot), 1.6kg(Hot Pot), 1kg(Sukiyaki Pot)
Color: Black