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Naturehike CLOUDY Canopy Tarp Tent Awning Sunshade Titanium Vinyl Black Coated Large 35m² Shade Area for up to 18 Person Waterproof PU5000mm Windproof 4 Size Outdoor Camping Shelter Nature Hike YUNXIA Glacier Cloud Moraine

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Product Description:

Brand: Naturehike

Model NO.: C2350WS010

Name: Cloudy - Titanium Vinyl Canopy

Style:Quadrilateral, Hexagonal, Octagonal Small, Octagonal Large

Weight: About 5.4kg (Quad) / About 5.9kg (Hex) / About 6.1kg (Octagonal Small) / About 10.9kg (Octagonal Large)

Size: 450x292cm (Quadrilateral) / 500x380cm (Hexagonal) / 550x465cm (Octagonal Small) / 680x575cm (Octagonal Large)

Storage size: 68x18x18cm (Quad/Hex/Octagon Small) / 78x19x19cm (Octagon Large)


Quad/Hexagon/Octagon Small:

Pole: 240cm long, 2.5cm diameter, 4 sections of threaded galvanized iron pole x 2

Wind rope: diameter 0.4cm, length 350cmx4, length 250cmx6

Ground Spike: 20.5cm long, 0.6c diameter, glow-in-the-dark ground spike x 10


Octagonal large: length 280cm, diameter 3.2cm, 4 sections of carabiners, galvanized iron rod x2

Wind rope: diameter 0.4cm, length 450cmx4, length 300cmx6

Ground Nail: 25cm long, 0.8cm diameter, galvanized ground nail x10