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Naturehike Brighten Series 6.4 | 12.3 | 20 Ground Cloth Add-on Camping Damp Proof Mat Thickened Cotton Tent Floor Cloth Tent Accessories

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Product Description:

Brand: Naturehike

Name:Brighten 6.4/12.3/20 Cotton tent mat

Weight:About 1.46kg(Brighten 6.4)/About 2.28kg(Brighten 12.3)/About 3.8kg(Brighten 20)

Size:About 350x248cm(Brighten 6.4)/About 414x359cm(Brighten 12.3)/About 512x415cm(Brighten 20)

Packing Size:About 47.5x23cm(Brighten 6.4)/About 55.5x33cm(Brighten 12.3)/76.5x38cm(Brighten 20)

Material: Polyester Fiber

Color: Golden