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Mobi Garden x Iwatani BANQUET Portable Butane Gas Stove Cassette Standard Nozzle Canister Camping Mini Burner 1.86kw Firepower Outdoor Heavy Duty Cooking Equipment with Hard Case Storage Mobigarden

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Product Description:

Brand: Mobi Garden

Model NO.: NX21666094

Name: Ji Yan-Portable Cassette Furnace

Weight: About 1KG (Excluding Cylinders Weight)

Size: 279x186x94MM

Suitcase Size: 324x114x260MM

Power: 1.86KW

Material Of Furnace Body And Side Cover: Steel Plate Sprayed

Windproof Stove Dish: Stainless Steel

Center Firearm: Die-Cast Aluminum

Bracket: Die-Cast Aluminum

Color: Ivory White / Black