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Mobi Garden Stackable Folding Basket Tray Collapsible Outdoor Camping Portable Storage Container 18/40L Small Large PP Food Grade Material Camp Kitchen Organizer Foldable Box Crate Mobigarden

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Product Description:

Brand: Mobi Garden

Model NO.: NX22685002 / NX22685003

Name: RuiNa-Portable Folding Storage Basket

Capacity: 18L / 40L

Weight: About 1.3KG (18L) / About 2.3KG (40L)

Single Box Filling: About 25KG (7 Layers Can Be Stacked)

Size: 40x30x22cm (18L)/ 60x40x22cm (40L)

Inside Frame size: 36x26x19.5cm (18L) / 56x36x20cm (40L)

Storage Size: 40x30x6.7cm (18L) / 60x40x5.5cm (40L)

Material: Food Grade PP

Use Ambient Temperature: -18℃~65℃

Color: Khaki / Olive Green