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CAMPINGMOON Stainless Steel Dual Lamp Post Outdoor Camping Lantern Light Pole Adjustable Height Heavy Duty 15kg Max Load Original Tripod D-240 / D-243

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CAMPINGMOON Stainless Steel Lantern Pile Driver

  • The Lantern Pile Driver from CAMPINGMOON securely hooks your lantern handle to its hanger. It is easily pounded into the ground and can be adjusted in height from about 45” to 97”, making it a useful and safe pole to hang your lantern at night.
  • A lantern stand that allows it to stand on itself by striking the top of the adjustable pole into the ground like a hammer.
  • This lantern pile driver can be set securely at any position on the camp site regardless of the unevenness of the ground, and the height and direction of the lantern can be adjusted freely.
  • The lantern pile driver can be extended while in use or be stowed. It can be extended to nearly 8 ft high.
  • A protective cap covers the lantern pile driver’s tip when it is not in use for safety.
  • A carry bag is attached for easy storage or carrying.






  • CAMPINGMOON lantern pile driver is made of stainless steel and has durable construction.
  • This lantern pile driver has two lantern hanger. You can change the direction of the lantern hook in 360 ​​°by loosening the upper wing bolt.




  • Height of this lantern pile driver can be adjusted from 45.3″ to 96.9″ .




  • We use a cap to protect the tip, and with attached carry bag you can take this lantern pile driver to campsite easily.
  • Made of sturdy steel and easy to pull out.