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ALPICOOL Car Portable Refrigerator Insulated Protective Cover Bag for CF TWW Series CF35 CF45 CF55 TWW35 TWW45 TWW55 TWW75 Outdoor Ref Fridge Freezer

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Model Number: CFxx / TWWxx Cover

Product Name: Insulated Bag Cover for Alpicool TWW and CF Series

Function: Protective Cover for Alpicool Refrigerator and at the same time Insulated to save Energy Cost and Maintain the Coolness of the fridge

Compatible Models: Please select in variation your Alpicool Model, Available for CF35 CF45 CF55 TWW35 TWW45 TWW55 TWW75



1. Protects against heat: Extra insulation against strong sunshine or extreme outside temperatures, saves battery power, improves

overall efficiency

2. Protects against excessive movement: Eyelets for securing your fridge firmly in a vehicle

3. Protects against dirt, dust &sand. Keeps your fridge like new in harsh conditions.

4. Protects against moisture and water splashes for use on yachts, boats or open vehicles.

5. Custom tailored with openings for your freezer's handle grips, air vents, and power cords

6. Comes with a fast open top flap for quick and easy access to the freezer compartment