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Naturehike Portable Retro Camping Gas 1 Mantle Retro Lantern Lamp Outdoor Hiking Hanging Night Light Tent Butane Fuel Lamp Atmosphere Lighting Electronic Spark Nature Hike

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Product Description:

Brand: Naturehike

Model NO.: NH22ZM006

Name: HuoTan-Retro Atmosphere Gas Lamp

Total Size: 253x253x455mm

Lamp Weight: About 688g (Including Weight of Glass Cover)

Lampshade: About 308g Windhike

Storage BagSize: 170x160x323mm (Square) / 255mm (Round)

Type of Gas: Butane     

Input Pressure: Direct Injection

Nozzle Diameter: 0.13mm

Nominal Heat Input: 330W/hr

Gas Consumption: 24g/h

Ignition Device: Piezoelectric Ceramic Igniter

Illumination: 28lux

Surface Technology: Electroplate

Accessories: Tripod / Lamp Yarn*4

Color: Golden

Applicable Gas Tank: Alpine Propane and Isobutane Mixing Flat Gas Tank 230g/450g